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Key Issues

Case Study Help, a player in the film production and distribution business is also a prominent player in theatre operations, system development and leasing. While Case Study Help focuses on large format films which are mostly documentaries, they cater to the needs of both the entertainment and educational sector. Additionally, Case Study Help theatres are mostly located in museums, aquariums and amusement parks which complement the niche strategy that the company has been pursuing via its focus on large format films.
While this strategy offers exclusivity, low profitability and revenue scope has brought about the need to identify alternative growth strategies. Expansion into multiplexes and conversion into film portfolio by converting Hollywood movies into format offer additional growth opportunities for Case Study Help.
The fact that there has been technological advancement in the form of ‘digital re-mastering (DMR) which converts standard 35 mm films into large format and ‘digital multiplexing’ (DMX) which converts multiplexes to Case Study Help systems support Case Study Help growth plans indicates that potential growth avenues for the company need to be evaluated.

We can identify several issues that could be taken as potential challenges affecting future growth prospects for Case Study Help.

Firstly it should be noted that the company is operating in the entertainment industry where there is competition from various avenues. The fact that Case Study Help competitive environment is not limited to the film industry gives rise to challenges in the form of uncertainty in terms of pursuing growth opportunities.
While there are growth opportunities available in the form of alliances, further issues could arise such as losing the exclusivity of the firm or increasing dependency on other players while losing strategic control over the firm’s growth opportunities.
While these challenges remain in the external environment, the company’s internal financial situation presents further problems in the form of long terms debts and declining liquidity draining Case Study Help financial position. In the midst of growth opportunities, dealing with a weak financial position can be a further drain on Case Study Help growth potential.
Additionally, we can identify an issue in Case Study Help film making business. While Case Study Help emphasis on making documentaries is allowing it to enjoy a long product life cycle, the fact that documentaries have a limited scope which in turn leads to lower revenue potential indicates that Case Study Help may have to opt for a different strategy if it plans to generate revenue through this avenue. However, opting for Hollywood films rather than documentaries would bring about further challenges in the form of higher costs for hiring actors which could put additional financial strain on Case Study Help.


If we talk about the possibility of remaining a niche player in terms of technology, Case Study Help has the option of investing further in R&D where its operational expenses can be lowered while its technological setup can be used for maintaining a competitive edge. However, it should be noted that while niche marketing allows a limited scope of operation with the possibility of generating higher profits from a market segment that gives preference to the product or service, the threat of increasing pressure from external stakeholders still remains such as the economies of scale of larger competitors leading to price sensitivity in the market.Additionally, the possibility of the target market’s changing preferences may be a threat to Case Study Help market share especially as the company would have too much reliance on the niche segment.

Case Study Solution

Case Study Solution


Hollywood movies in Case Study Help format

As we look at Case Study Help previous attempts at growth, we can see how the company has moved from museums to multiplexes. However, the fact that the economic environment has been affecting theatre construction businesses has left the company at a point where the increasing number of audience in Case Study Help theatres has not had a major impact on the overall revenue growth.

Then again, if we look at the option of increasing Case Study Help business through its own financing and forgoing alliances with theatre companies, the large debt at hand puts the company in a rather difficult position. So basically the option of forming an alliance with a credible theatre chain such as Regal and AMC is a favorable option for expanding the theatre network. Similarly, the fact that would gain popularity in terms of expanding its network would open up the possibility of other theatres opting for Case Study Help in their theatres.

The option of expanding by offering Hollywood movies in Case Study Help format is a strategy which would be complementing the growth strategy of growing via an alliance with Regal and AMC. By opting for Hollywood movies and reducing reliance on documentaries, Case Study Help would be opting for risk aversion in film making business.

The fact that these Hollywood movies have already been popular increases the possibility of their success in Case Study Help format while earlier conversions have proved to be successful suggesting that this decision could prove to be a worthwhile one for Case Study Help. However, the fact that Case Study Help format may be released alongside other formats for new movies in the future suggests that Case Study Help may have to face a competitive environment especially as audience may be opting for alternative format if they are being shown simultaneously at lower prices.

Complementary Technologies:

Additionally using DMX and DMR technologies has solved the problem of attracting multiplex owners who may not be willing to invest in Case Study Help theatres since these technologies allow existing theatres to be converted to use Case Study Help formats at lower costs while converting Hollywood films to large scale formats respectively. However, the risk remains that Case Study Help may become too commercial if it diverts from its original strategy of focusing on educational documentaries and opts for Hollywood movies.

We have explored several options for Case Study Helpwhile a thorough financial analysis has given us clarity about the current position of the company. We have an idea about the industry now with the help of the external analysis. It is clear at this point that Case Study Help as a supplier of movies and theatre does not have a strong bargaining power. Similarly, the fact that the liquidity and profitability has been declining dramatically to a point where the debt to asset ratio has also gone up suggests that Case Study Help is at the brink of a major financial crisis where additional funds in the form of a bank loan are not an option any more.

Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis


Remaining a niche player is no longer a feasible option as that would limit the possibilities of increasing revenue. Likewise, retaining exclusivity by focusing on documentaries would not be a practical approach especially when the company has the option of opting for alternative strategies to increase revenue and profitability.

Since Case Study Help does not have funds to increase the scope of its own business by investing in theaters, the option of an alliance is the most practical approach at this point. The use of DMX and DMR technologies especially as Case Study Help has already invested in the technology is a worthwhile option. Hollywood movies open avenues in the form of targeting new markets especially as the option converting movies of different genres is there which would give limitless possibilities in terms of growth.
Since Case Study Help would not be making capital investments, the company’s liquidity position would improve as well. The idea of an alliance with theatre companies where they were to invest in theatres and Case Study Help was to install its Case Study Help technology would have been a practical approach if the construction business was facing an optimal scenario.
Expansion plans by using technology that is already available and that would require minimal efforts from Case Study Help side in terms of capital investment is an optimal strategy to be adopted for pursuing growth in the current business environment.

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